Compositions (Scores & Sounds)



The Mystic Trumpeter for Soprano, Trumpet and Piano (3’) 2009

Neutral Tones for Countertenor and Chamber Ensemble (8’) 2008
Sung by Daniel Bubeck, countertenor

Non-printable Score                                                                (entire piece)

Amazing Grace for Soprano, Choir and Chamber Orchestra (5’) 2008
Commissioned by The Beautiful Mind Charity

Non-printable Score

After Prayers, Lie Cold for Mixed Choir a cappella (4’) 2005-2006

Non-printable Score                                                              

Hallelujah! for Mixed Choir and Organ (3’ 30”) 2003
Grand Prize, 2003 Korean Episcopal Church Composition Competition

Non-printable Score (Korean)

Non-printable Score (English)